Common Core Opponents Wise to the Foxes

Wise foxOpposition to the Common Core is surging because as a citizenry we are becoming wise to the foxes who tell us, “If you like your local control of education, you can keep it. Period.” To which we respond, “No. Period.”

George Will notes that opposition to Common Core is viewed by Washington as “small as the biblical cloud that ariseth out of the sea, no larger than a man’s hand. Soon, however, this education policy will fill a significant portion of the political sky.”  Washington (and Gov. McCrory and School Superintendent June Atkinson) want to keep the nature and purpose of Common Core as cloudy as possible for as long as possible.  They deflect attention by claiming Common Core is a “state-led,” “voluntary” initiative to improve the rigor of “standards” that are not federally mandated and never ever would “prescribe” a national curriculum. To dismiss opponents of Common Core, political elites characterize us as Neanderthals.

George Will looks at the history of federal intrusion beginning with the 1965 Elementary and Secondary Education Act and all subsequent Education Acts that never authorized any federal official to “mandate, direct, or control” schools’ K-12 curriculums. Nevertheless, Will points out that “what begins with mere national standards must breed ineluctable pressure to standardize educational content. Targets, metrics, guidelines and curriculum models all induce conformity in instructional materials. Washington already is encouraging the alignment of the GED, SAT and ACT tests with the Common Core. By a feedback loop, these tests will beget more curriculum conformity. All of this will take a toll on parental empowerment, and none of this will escape the politicization of learning like that in higher education.”

Remember the government that gave us Obamacare is one and the same who gave us Common Core.  We can’t be accused of being “easy marks” any more!

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