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MO Judge Grants Restraining Order Over SBAC Participation

In September, I linked to the story about Missouri citizens filing suit over the SBAC assessment payments in their state.  Today, news comes that a judge there has issued a temporary restraining order that blocks the state from making payments for the SBAC dues. Missouri Education Watchdog: In the case  14AC-CC00477 Sauer et al v […]

Beck’s chilling interview with Texas Mom

Please listen Beck’s chilling interview with a Texas mom, the parent of a kindergartner. (H/T The Blaze) “I’m a mommy not a teacher.” “I’m only allowed to learn from my teacher.” “Pilgrims were essentially America’s first terrorists.” Your browser does not support iframes. Note: This is not the fault of Common Core but it is […]

Another teacher speaks out against Common Core

Words from those in the classroom are important to share. Another teacher speaks out against Common Core, read Common Core: Just Standards or Deceit? Mary Anne Marcella discusses how assessments undermine local control. Introduction is below: (H/T American Thinker) There are many things that concern this parent and teacher involving the Common Core State Standards […]