• NC Needs Qualified Common Core Commission Appointments

    Governor McCrory, Speaker Tillis and Senate President Phil Berger supported legislation calling for a full review of the Common Core Math and English Standards by the Academic Standards Review Commission. Now it is time to appoint the membership of the commission.

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  • Common Core Standards are inferior to the best state standards

    They serve as a vehicle for federal control over public education and they make local control a thing of the past.

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#Shutuppery Files: Montana Superintendent Says Attack On Core Is Attack On Public Ed

Welcome to the latest installment of the Shutuppery Files. Common Core according to supporters have used just about every angle to try and promote the fundamentally flawed experiment. Core Supporters have demonized opposition, they’ve called for ‘pushing them down in the dirt’, called them ‘barbarians at the gate’ and worn tin foil hats to mock opposition. […]

About Those Skills Gaps…

One of the many unproven claims made by Common Core is that it will close the achievement and skills gaps and that businesses have latched onto that claim. Chambers of Commerce everywhere have been touting Common Core as what they need to attract the skills they need for the “21st century”. Businesses want their ‘human […]

Dr. Milgram rips Common Core rebrand

The Academic Standards Review Commission would be wise to listen to Dr. Jim Milgram, mathematician who served on the Common Core Validation Committee and refused to sign off on the standards. Dr. Milgram rips Indiana’s Common Core Rebrand, North Carolina cannot make that same mistake, we must require high quality standards from the Commission and […]