• Ask elected officials to restore funding for the Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC)

    ASRC is charged with reviewing Common Core Standards used in North Carolina public schools. The legislature failed to appropriate funding for ASRC.

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  • Common Core Standards are inferior to the best state standards

    They serve as a vehicle for federal control over public education and they make local control a thing of the past.

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Will Michigan Pull Off A Common Core Repeal?

As previously reported here at Stop Common Core NC, the Michigan legislature was running bills to repeal Common Core in favor of Massachusetts pre-Common Core standards. The pre-Common Core standards in Massachusetts were largely seen as some of the best in the country and actually superior to Common Core in many ways. It appears the […]

Website Shames Those Attacking Opt Out Teachers and Parents

An anonymously registered website titled, The Educational Wall of Shame, takes aim at administrators who have been attacking the high stakes testing opt out movement. The page has a number of individuals and includes the media outlet, Newsday.  The earliest entry on the page is February 5, 2016. Each ‘offender’  has a link to a quote […]

NC Parents: Have You Given Your Feedback On DPI’s Alleged Common Core Changes?

As previously reported here at StopCommonCoreNC, North Carolina’s Dept. of Public Instruction (DPI) has entered into ‘revisions’ to Common Core’s high school math. Some may know it as Math I, II, III or Integrated math. Documentation: sla1-attachment-1.pdf (Math I) sla1-attachment-2.pdf (Math II) sla1-attachment-3.pdf (Math III) sla1-attachment-4.pdf (Summary) After taking a look at some of the proposed changes, many these […]

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