• Ask elected officials to restore funding for the Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC)

    ASRC is charged with reviewing Common Core Standards used in North Carolina public schools. The legislature failed to appropriate funding for ASRC.

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  • Common Core Standards are inferior to the best state standards

    They serve as a vehicle for federal control over public education and they make local control a thing of the past.

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Carolina Journal reports on student data mining

Student privacy concerns have been an important topic on this blog. Now, the Carolina Journal reports on student data mining and privacy concerns. Before highlighting the CJ article, let’s review a couple of older posts, Data Mining from Preschool to Workforce What is the North Carolina P=20W Data System? A P-20W System is a Statewide […]

CO Senate Ed Committee Passes Testing Opt Out Bill

The Colorado Senate’s Education committee has passed a bill allowing for parents to opt their children out of standardized tests and which includes language to districts and schools from being penalized over any falling participation rates. The vote on SB 15-223 was 8-1; the lone no vote belonged to Denver Democrat Mike Johnston.  It appears Mr. […]

ROI on STEM degrees vs. Dr. Zimba’s Common Core

An article in the Economist asks, Is your degree worth it?  The subtitle reads, ‘It depends what you study, not where‘. Excerpt: “A new report from PayScale, a research firm, calculates the returns to a college degree. Its authors compare the career earnings of graduates with the present-day cost of a degree at their alma maters, […]

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