• Ask elected officials to restore funding for the Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC)

    ASRC is charged with reviewing Common Core Standards used in North Carolina public schools. The legislature failed to appropriate funding for ASRC.

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    Two different styles to choose from. Show your support for the Stop Common Core movement.

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  • Common Core Standards are inferior to the best state standards

    They serve as a vehicle for federal control over public education and they make local control a thing of the past.

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  • Do you oppose Common Core Standards?

    Add your name to our Stop Common Core petition.

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Common Core Protectionism? California Ed Officials Take Down 15 Years Of Test Results

Just how far will education officials go to protect Common Core from itself? In California, that protection means taking down 15 years worth of test results. Ed Source: California Department of Education officials have repeatedly cautioned against comparing students’ scores on past state standardized tests with forthcoming results on tests aligned with the Common Core […]

Tech devices and data collection linkage cannot be denied

Earlier this summer I wrote, Technology-enabled personalized learning (TEPL) is data driven: Technology is a tool which can enhance learning, but it is costly and can lead to unintended consequences. As we move forward as a society to expand the use of technology in education, we need to carefully think this through and promote good […]

Canceled CA High School Exit Exam Requires Legislative Action To Save 5,000 Seniors

The failure of state school officials to renew their contract with the company who provides the California high school exit exam has resulted in legislation headed for Governor Brown’s desk. Sacramento Bee reported with emphasis added: Gov. Jerry Brown will sign legislation to give a reprieve to thousands of California students who were blocked from […]

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